Battle of the brands

Behind the Wrapper is original programming produced by Better For You Media that showcases the tenacity, creativity, and dedication needed to introduce a consumer packaged good to the global food and wellness industry.  

Each episode is framed with industry experts, celebrities, and top-entrepreneurs investigating different brands.  Personalities bring light to the story behind the story – featuring how the products are produced, how they size-up amongst the competition, and doing deep dives into the multiple other off-shoot outcomes stemming from the initial inception of the ideas.

Behind the Wrapper is educational and eye-opening and is sure to evolve the way you think about the total retail shopping experience.  Come with us as we pull-back the curtain and see how these brands can come to life and make it from an idea to global homes and kitchens.  

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Meet Our Season 1 Challengers

Big Mountain Foods

Big Mountain Foods makes veggie patties, veggie links, bites and crumbles that we would proudly serve our own family. In other words, real food that tastes good. Big Mountain Foods are foods with no additives, no substitutes and no names that you cannot pronounce. That is, unless your mouth is full. Which we guarantee it will be!


Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms offers organic, non-GMO sweeteners, sauces and marinades. Big Tree Farms family of products are all organic, ethically sourced and offer far-healthier alternatives to the norms. The secret ingredient behind all the Big Tree Farms products is NIRA, the flower blossom of the coconut tree. Nira nectar is low-glycemic, unrefined, and supports regenerative farming practices. Nira is good for you, your family, the farmer and the environment… that’s the awesome power of Nira and Big Tree Farms!


Cleveland Kitchen

Cleveland Kitchen brings the highest-quality fermented foods from the heart of Cleveland to the rest of the nation. From kraut to kimchi, dressings to pickles, enjoying the gut-health benefits of fermented foods has never been tastier (or easier). Cleveland Kitchen believes that fermented foods are a key to a healthier diet, and want to make it effortless for people to savor them in any occasion. At Cleveland Kitchen, fermented foods are our passion, and we’re on a mission to make delicious fermented foods for all.

Crafty Counter

Crafty Counter makes plant-based foods that are fun, interesting, and designed to capture the global palate… foods like Indian Tikka, Mediterranean Falafel, African Harissa and… a nut-based hard-boiled egg! Crafty Counter believes that if they can provide whole-food plant-based protein options that don’t require you to compromise even a tiny bit on taste, then the demand for animal protein will decline. Change begins with one person taking one tiny step. And… with one company using its voice to share information to empower people to make informed decisions.



Light and fluffy Dandies Vegan Marshmallows come in many flavors and are perfect for campfire roasting, s’mores, topping a cup of hot cocoa, crispy treats, or snacking straight out of the bag! Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are free of gelatins, corn syrup, and gluten. They are also Kosher, non-GMO, allergen-friendly and have no artificial flavors or colors. Dandies turn your family favorites into nostalgic treats you can feel good about.

Dandiestiedyetreats-0739 copy

Lesser Evil

Lesser Evil believes in simple acts and clean snacks. This straightforward philosophy is reflected in their delicious Organic Popcorns, Paleo Puffs, Power Curls, Mini Cookies and Sun Poppers. Lesser Evil believes they can create the change they want to see in the world by interacting with customers as if they were family, minimizing their footprint through organic inputs, composting, and environmentally friendly packaging, and finally, by contributing to their community by nurturing employees and donating gifts where they can.


Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is a super-refreshing, full-flavored, hydrating lemon water with no sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. We squeeze half an organic lemon into every bottle to make superfruit hydration more convenient, delicious, and blissful than it’s ever been before.  And… Lemon Perfect is BACKED BY BEYONCE!



It’s California palm tree candy! Joolies are naturally sweet dates and date syrups. The date syrups can be found in delicious flavors like cocoa, cinnamon, and blueberry. Jollies are California’s SUPERFRUIT! The family behind Joolies has been farming fresh California dates for almost two decades now. Joolies dates are a great source of dietary fiber, magnesium, and copper, plus pound for pound, Joolies dates have more potassium than a banana! Joolies are rich and chewy with a caramel finish… a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without a second thought!


Mid-Day Squares

Mid-Day Squares are vegan, organic, dairy/soy/gluten-free, non-GMO chocolate protein bars. Mid-Day Squares are truly the first functional chocolate bar!  With delicious flavors like Almond Crunch, Peanut Butta and Fudge Yah, Mid-Day Squares are everything a chocolate bar isn’t,  and everything a protein bar wishes it was.



Milkadamia is macadamia milk, but also includes a delicious, macadamia-based buttery spread and an assortment of pure macadamia oils. Milkadamia’s products are all made from the finest raw macadamia nuts. Milkadamia is deliciously made from raw macadamias, so it is deliciously different. Milkadamia is also deliciously defiant when it comes to protecting their trees, regenerating their patch of the planet, and maintaining their relationship with the awesome stores and people who share their love of Milkadamia’s products and of the land.


Mind Blown Plant Based Seafood Co.

With delicious, plant-based shrimp, scallops and crab cakes, you won’t believe you’re not eating the real thing. At Plant Based Seafood, we test all our products out on real seafood lovers-if it doesn’t blow their mind, we keep working! Plant Based Seafood is an all-female, family-owned company with years of experience in the seafood world. After watching unacceptable overfishing practices threaten to destroy the oceans, Plant Based Seafood was started to provide a healthy, sustainable, and delicious seafood option that will blow your mind!


Sunny Culture

REFRESH YOUR GUT with super-smooth probiotic drinks from Sunny Culture. In delicious flavors like elderberry, ginger, hibiscus and blueberry, Sunny Culture knows that a healthy gut is everyone’s starting point to wellbeing. Sunny Culture’s probiotic drinks offer significant positive impacts on whole-body health: immune systems, hearts, brains, mood, sleep, digestion, and disease prevention.


Three Farm Daughters

Three Farm Daughters makes wheat pasta that’s higher in fiber, higher in protein, lower in calories, and… simply delicious. As the Three Farm Daughters like to say, their wheat pasta contains “No fillers, no dyes and no lies”. The Three Farm Daughters are sisters Mollie, Grace and Annie, and they are, in fact, three farm daughters, having grown up together on the family farm in North Dakota. The wheat they use in their pastas and flours comes right from that farm. It’s the pure, simple, natural kind of wheat they wanted to be feeding their kids; it’s what you will be wanting to feed yours!

3FD Pasta


Tosi makes snacking healthy with their SUPERBITES, made from an amazing array of all-natural, good-for-you ingredients like almonds, cashews, blueberries, sea salt and dark chocolate. When Tosi began in 2012, the goal was simple… provide nutritious products to support holistic health. Tosi realized that people were constantly falling off their path to wellness with poor snack choices, and needed clean, nutrient-dense snacks. And with that, Tosi SuperBites were born.

Tosi Snacks_r1_ATX28711

Zolli Candy

Finally, fun and delicious candy that everyone can enjoy! Zolli Candy are sugar-free, vegan, KETO, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, natural, and kosher. And… Zolli Candy actually CLEAN your teeth! Alina Morse was just 7-years-old when she asked her dad, “Why can’t we make a lollipop that’s actually good for you?” And with that, the dream of Zolli Candy was born. Now, Zolli Pops, Zolli Taffy, Zolli Drops and the entire Zolli candy line are the bestselling sugar-free, healthy candy on the market! It’s candy that CLEANS YOUR TEETH and is actually good for you!

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